Adams TBA2 Alto Trombone

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The TBA2 Eb/Bb alto trombone is designed with the orchestral soloist in mind. The instrument is built with a rotary valve for extra comfort in technical passages. The TBA2 features a 180 mm yellow brass bell for great projection and a superb resonance. Handcrafted in our production facilities, this state of the art alto trombone combines a direct, rich, and sparkling sound with superior technical qualities and slide positions that feel like a tenor trombone.

Key: Eb/ Bb
Bell: 1-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell - 7" (180 mm)
Valve: Rotary valve
Slide: Nickel silver single bore
Bore: 12.2 mm
Finish: Lacquered
Gauge: 0.55

If you would like to configure your own TBA2 alto trombone to your personal preferences, Adams will fully custom built your instrument.Please see this page for the custom options, and call us at 410-744-1723 to order!

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