Adams 6/4 Selected CC Tuba

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Built with the original tooling and molds of Hirsbrunner, Adams re-designed and improved the legendary Yorkbrunner. The instrument is known as one of the best replicas of the legendary York 6/4 CC tuba.

The C Contrabass Tuba 6/4 is the larger version of the C Tuba 4/4. The geometry of the Adams C Tuba ensures an extremely powerful and dark tone with plenty of core.

When testing and adjusting the C Contrabass Tuba, Adams focused on crafting an instrument with great projection and rich overtones that would sound impressive in any large concert hall.

Key: C
Size: 6/4
Bell: Yellow Brass
Bell diameter: 500 mm
Bore: 19 mm (1st, 2nd, 3rd valve), 20 mm (4th valve) and 22 mm (5th valve - rotary)
Finish: Silver plated
Gauge: 0.60

If you would like to configure your own tuba to your personal preferences, Adams will fully custom build your instrument. Please see this page for the custom options, and call us at 410-744-1723 to order!

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